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The Assurance component of the Peace Finance Impact Framework (PFIF) plays a pivotal role in ensuring that investments align with peace objectives. Drawing inspiration from the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) framework, which emphasizes rigorous standards and independent verification, the Assurance component in PFIF integrates similar principles but focuses on peace finance. It involves the application of strict criteria in the form of standards for investments, ensuring they contribute positively towards peace and stability. The framework relies on independent Peace Finance Verifiers to assess and certify that the investments meet the established peace-positive criteria, thereby assuring investors and stakeholders of the genuine impact and integrity of their investments. This approach not only enhances transparency and accountability but also bolsters investor confidence by ensuring that their capital is being used to foster peace and stability.

The Assurance pillar of the PFIF includes a standard consisting of a Peace Bond Standard [link] and the Peace Equity Standard [link] and certification scheme to validate peace-positive investments. This scheme sets specific criteria that investments must meet to be recognized as contributing to peace. It involves a process of rigorous assessment and verification by the independent Peace Finance verifiers. This certification provides assurance to investors that their capital is supporting projects genuinely aligned with peace-building objectives.

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