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Become a Peace Finance verifier

Peace Finance verifiers are crucial in assessing compliance with Peace Finance standards, ensuring that investments genuinely contribute to peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

Application process for Peace Finance verifiers

To qualify as an approved verifier, a company must be able to demonstrate that they have competence and experience in the following five areas:

  1. Issuance of debt instruments in capital markets and management of funds within issuing organisations
  2. Experience in financing projects in fragile and conflict-affected regions [list of countries dropdown list or external link].
  3. Familiarity with international standards and frameworks related to fragile and conflict-affected settings and a good understanding of the socio-political dynamics of such contexts.
  4. Good understanding of the Peace Finance Impact Framework and Peace Finance Standard
  5. Provision of assurance services in line with the International Standards on Assurance Engagements standard 3000.

Additional qualifications: Specialised knowledge in areas like climate change and conflict or the triple-nexus approach: interlinkages between the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding fields may be required depending on the type of investment.

Application procedure: Interested parties should complete the Peace Finance verifier application and agreement [link], and submit them to the designated Finance for Peace contact point [email] along with the Peace Bond or Peace Equity verifier agreement [link]. 



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