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Governance Structure of the Peace Finance Initiative

The Finance for Peace initiative is built on a robust governance framework, ensuring integrity, effectiveness and the prevention of “peacewashing” in the Peace Finance market. This framework includes several key components:

Governing Board of the Finance for Peace initiative Peace Finance Standards Committee (SC) Oversees the development and implementation of the PFS Supervises the technical subcommittees and working groups Oversees the certification process Pre - approves third - party SPO Verifiers and Evaluators Pre - approves Peace Partners Reports to the Governing Board Technical sub - committees Offer technical advice for standard development on relevant issues to the SC Make recommendations based on research for the development of a Standard Sector / Project working groups Provide sector / industry relevant input regarding the practicalities of specific standards Comment on proposed certification and verification processes for compliance with the Standard Assurance Roundtable Consist of approved verifiers who meet on a regular basis for the purposes of information Exchange with the SC: Finance for Peace Secretariat: Asist with the coordination and public consultation Carries out administrative, contracting and logistical support duties Provides research assistance Industry Association Champion peace finance in bond, equity or alternative investment markets by creating supportive networks

Standards Committee 

Core function: The committee’s primary role is to maintain market integrity by setting principles, standards and guidance for investors to benchmark the peace impact of their investments. The committee also oversees the certification process.

  • Subcommittees and working groups: The committee can form specialised groups to address specific issues, providing technical advice and sector-specific insights. These groups include:
    • Technical subcommittees for standards development [link to]
    • Sector/project working groups for practical input on standards [link to].
  • Assurance roundtable [link to 4.2]: This group consists of approved verifiers who regularly meet for information exchange. It is chaired by the Chair of the Standards Committee.
  • Reporting: The Standards Committee reports to the Governing Board.


Governing Board [link?]

  • Strategic leadership: The Governing Board provides overall strategic and management direction for the initiative.
  • Collaborative advice: The board seeks and acts on advice from various bodies within the Finance for Peace initiative, including the Standards Committee, leadership teams, and advisory groups such as the Industry Association.


Finance for Peace Industry Association [link?]

  • Advisory role: Initially advisory to the Finance for Peace initiative, this association will eventually evolve into a constitutional entity.
  • Network of leaders: Comprising influential figures from the financial and other private-sector industries, the association aims to promote Peace Finance across various investment markets.
  • Key activities: These include creating supportive networks, sharing information, providing training, advocating for investment uptake, and convening stakeholders across the finance sector.


Finance for Peace Secretariat

The Finance for Peace Secretariat plays a crucial role in supporting the Standards Committee, ensuring smooth operations and effective progress in our Peace Finance initiatives.

  • Coordination and public consultation: The secretariat organises and manages consultations with the public, gathering diverse perspectives to inform and enhance the standards development process.
  • Preparation and administration: It handles the meticulous preparation and management of all documentation necessary for the certification process, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Contracting experts: The secretariat is responsible for bringing in external experts who provide specialised knowledge and insights.
  • Logistical support: It also provides the necessary logistical backing to ensure smooth operations and coordination among various stakeholders.
  • Supporting standards development: The secretariat assists with research, gathering essential data and information that contributes to the ongoing development and refinement of the standards.

Through these key functions, the Finance for Peace Secretariat empowers the Standards Committee, enabling it to make informed, effective decisions. This support is vital in our mission to develop and uphold standards that ensure responsible and impactful Peace Finance.


Ensuring effective and ethical Peace Finance

This governance structure is designed to ensure that peace finance is not only effective but also adheres to the highest ethical standards. By integrating strategic leadership, expert advice and industry collaboration, the Finance for Peace initiative aims to foster a market where investments contribute meaningfully to global peace and stability.

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