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Ensuring effective and ethical Peace Finance

This governance structure is designed to ensure that peace finance is not only effective but also adheres to the highest ethical standards. By integrating strategic leadership, expert advice and industry collaboration, the Finance for Peace initiative aims to foster a market where investments contribute meaningfully to global peace and stability.

Governance structure of the Finance for Peace initiative

The Finance for Peace initiative is built on a robust governance structure, ensuring integrity, effectiveness and the prevention of “peacewashing” in the Peace Finance market.

Governing Board of the Finance for Peace initiative Peace Finance Standards Committee (SC) Oversees the development and implementation of the PFS Supervises the technical subcommittees and working groups Oversees the certification process Pre - approves third - party SPO Verifiers and Evaluators Pre - approves Peace Partners Reports to the Governing Board Technical sub - committees Offer technical advice for standard development on relevant issues to the SC Make recommendations based on research for the development of a Standard Sector / Project working groups Provide sector / industry relevant input regarding the practicalities of specific standards Comment on proposed certification and verification processes for compliance with the Standard Assurance Roundtable Consist of approved verifiers who meet on a regular basis for the purposes of information Exchange with the SC: Finance for Peace Secretariat: Asist with the coordination and public consultation Carries out administrative, contracting and logistical support duties Provides research assistance Industry Association Champion peace finance in bond, equity or alternative investment markets by creating supportive networks

Steering Committee

Currently functions as an advisory body providing guidance and oversight during the foundational phase.

  • Guides and supports the Peace Finance Standards Committee and the Secretariat with strategic advice and oversight.
  • Ensures the development and implementation of the Peace Finance Standard align with the initiative’s mission.

Peace Finance Standards Committee (PFSC) [link to 1.5.1]

  • Develops and refines the Peace Finance Standard, including both the Peace Bond and Peace Equity Standard.
  • Manages the certification process and pre-approves third-party verifiers Approves Peace Partners and reports progress and challenges to the Steering Committee.
  • Takes part in the Assurance Roundtable that consists of approved verifiers who meet on a regular basis for the purpose of information exchange with the PFSC.


Technical Sub-committees

  • Offer the PFSC technical advice and make evidence-based recommendations related to standard development on thematic and specific topics to be determined by the PFSC.


Sector/Project Working Groups

  • Provide sector-specific input regarding the practicalities of specific standards.
  • Comment on proposed certification and verification processes to ensure alignment and compliance with the Peace Finance Standard.


Finance for Peace Secretariat

  • Assists with coordination and public consultation.
  • Carries out administrative, contracting and logistical support duties.
  • Provides research assistance necessary for the ongoing development of the standards.

Through these key functions, the Finance for Peace Secretariat empowers the Standards Committee, enabling it to make informed, effective decisions. This support is vital in the mission to develop and uphold standards that ensure the creation of a responsible and impactful Peace Finance market.


Industry Network

  • Serves to champion Peace Finance in bond, equity, or alternative investment markets by creating supportive networks.


Our commitment to ethical Peace Finance

The above structure is purpose-built to assure that our collective Peace Finance efforts are not just impactful but also meet the required governance standards, bridging strategic leadership with expert insights and collaborative efforts across  relevant sectors and industries. Our aim is to cultivate an investment market that actively fosters global peace, stability and prosperity. Every element of our governance is designed to support this mission, paving the way for investments that make a real difference.

1.5.1 Peace Finance Standards Committee

Introducing the Standards Committee: Guardians of the Peace Finance Standard

This committee is more than a governing body; it is a collective that embodies the ethos of finance for peace. Its mandate is clear: to guide and oversee the Peace Finance Standard and Certification Scheme with a lens that captures the diverse and dynamic nature of global finance and peacebuilding efforts.

Diversity and inclusivity at the core

Balanced voices: We have curated a team that balances gender and expertise, comprising adept professionals from the finance world alongside seasoned peacebuilding experts.

Rich expertise: Each member of the committee is selected not just for their professional skills but also for the unique experience they bring to the table. This diversity ensures our decisions are informed, nuanced and effective.

Global outlook with local insights: The members provide a fusion of wide-reaching international perspectives and precious on-the-ground knowledge.

A microcosm of the market: By embracing diversity in all aspects—gender, age, nationality, and professional background—we aim to ensure that our committee truly represents the market it serves, poised to tackle global challenges with sensitivity and insight.

A committee with a mission

The committee's responsibilities extend beyond oversight. We are on a mission to shape the Peace Finance Standard into a tool that not only measures but also inspires a global shift towards integrating financial initiatives with peacebuilding outcomes. This requires ensuring the finance sector can become a proactive ally in the pursuit of worldwide peace and stability.

[Space for names, Bios and Pictures of the members] Technical Sub-committees

Within the fabric of the Peace Finance Standards Committee's (PFSC) standard-setting process, Technical Sub-committees hold a pivotal role. Appointed by the PFSC, these sub-committees will consist of experts convened to delve into the technical complexities of developing robust standards for Peace Finance.

Mandate and process

  • Developmental insight: The sub-committees conduct research and provide specialised advice on the intricacies involved in crafting and revising standards, ensuring they meet the highest benchmarks of precision and applicability.
  • Consensus-driven reports: These groups work on a consensus basis, presenting their findings and recommendations to the PFSC for consideration and further action.

Technical Sub-committees operate with a clear directive from the PFSC to act independently, drawing on their professional acumen to inform the standard-setting process. Their contributions are instrumental in advancing the development of Peace Finance instruments that align with global needs and ethical practices. Sector/Project Working Groups

The PFSC leverages the expertise of Sector/Project Working Groups to infuse the standard-setting process with practical insights and operational wisdom. These groups are composed of multi-sector experts, each bringing their nuanced understanding of industry-specific challenges and opportunities to the table.

Focused deliberation and action

  • Targeted advice: Members contribute their informed guidance on sector-specific aspects of standards, ensuring they resonate with, and are operational within, the targeted industries.
  • Reporting and consensus: Each working group is tasked with building consensus on their recommendations before reporting back to the PFSC, laying a foundation for standards that are both practical and harmonious with market realities.

The input from these working groups is vital to the PFSC's objective of setting standards that are not just theoretically sound but also practically implementable across diverse sectors. By working closely with these dedicated experts, the PFSC ensures that the development of Peace Finance standards is grounded, inclusive, and reflective of a multi-stakeholder approach.

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