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Our Partners

Creating lasting, systemic change requires partnerships.

We are building a Peace Finance ecosystem in collaboration with partners from various sectors including finance, development, government, civil society and peacebuilding. 

Together with our partners, we: 

  • Combine resources and knowledge to enable coordinated and collective action by key actors.
  • Harness synergies to enhance coordination, efficiency, scale and impact.

We promote Peace Finance by partnering on key activities: 

Certification and verification
Working together with verification bodies to assess and verify Peace Bonds and Peace Equity investments
Collaborating with bond and equity issuers including governments, development finance institutions, multilateral development banks, public development banks and corporations to facilitate the issuance of peace-positive instruments
Engaging with investors, including asset managers and institutional investors, to promote Peace Finance instruments as viable investment options
Market/sector practice groups
Collaborating with various practice groups composed of experts and stakeholders to develop best practices and standards and advance Peace Finance
Advocacy partners
advocacy initiatives: engaging with policy makers, regulatory authorities and industry associations to advocate for regulatory and policy changes that support Peace Finance and the development of a Peace Finance market, while promoting the Peace Finance principles
Research and reporting
Partnering with research organisations and publishing reports on Peace Finance, market trends, and developments to inform the broader financial community about opportunities and challenges in sustainable peace-positive finance.

Our policy engagement extends support for Peace Finance at international, multilateral and sectoral levels: 

Promoting Peace Finance as an innovative approach for peace and investment in United Nations, international financial institutions and multilateral development bank (MDB) processes
Collaborating with governments and donors to deepen understanding of Peace Finance as a means to better connect diplomatic, development finance and humanitarian initiatives for greater peace and security
Finance industry
Working closely with industry associations, development finance networks, financial service providers and other norm-setting entities to raise awareness and prominence of the peace and conflict thematic within investment circles.
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