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Peace Finance Impact Framework

Revolutionising impact investing

Finance for Peace is spearheading a transformative approach to impact investing with the introduction of the Peace Finance Impact Framework (PFIF). This groundbreaking framework is the result of a collaborative effort, drawing on insights from a diverse range of stakeholders including government donors, multilateral organisations, development finance institutions, private asset managers, and more. The PFIF is designed to guide public and private investors in creating and nurturing investments that not only yield financial returns but also foster peace and reduce risks in communities affected by these investments.

The PFIF, now in its second version, is an evolution of the original framework developed in September 2022. It reflects extensive feedback and consultation with experts across sustainable investment, finance, peacebuilding, development and academia. This inclusive and comprehensive approach ensures that the PFIF is not just a theoretical model but a practical and actionable tool for investors who are committed to making a real difference through their investment choices.

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