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Standards Committee

Introducing the Standards Committee: Guardians of the Peace Finance Standard

The Peace Finance Standard and Certification Scheme is guided and overseen by a dedicated Standards Committee. This committee is a diverse and balanced representation of voices from across the globe, committed to integrating finance and peacebuilding.

Diversity and Balance at Its Core

Equal and Gender-Balanced Representation:  An equal mix of professionals from the finance sector and experts in peacebuilding, with a strong commitment to gender balance.

Expertise Meets Experience: Committee members are carefully chosen for their technical expertise and diverse experiences. This blend of knowledge and perspective is crucial for the nuanced decisions the committee makes.

Global and Local Perspectives: The members come from various parts of the world, bringing a rich tapestry of insights. This includes both international viewpoints and invaluable local field-level experiences.

Reflecting Diversity: We prioritize diversity in every sense – gender, age, nationality, and professional background. This ensures that our committee is a microcosm of the market it serves, understanding and addressing global needs.

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