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Embark on the certification journey: A five-stage process

Embarking on the certification journey for a Peace Bond or Peace Equity instrument is a commitment to excellence and alignment with international recognized standards. The process is comprehensive, ensuring the investment remains true to the core values of peace and sustainability at every step.


Preparation for peace investment

  • Identify eligible projects: Begin by selecting assets and projects that align with the Peace Taxonomy.
  • Develop your framework: Prepare a detailed plan for the Peace Bond or Equity, ensuring it meets the Peace Finance Standard and aligns with the Peace Taxonomy and the Peace Finance Principles

Verification process

  • Engage a verifier [link to 2.4.2. ]: Choose a Peace Finance Verifier for both pre- and post-issuance verification.
  • Obtain verification report: Receive a report confirming the project's alignment with the taxonomy and the standard's pre-issuance criteria.

Certification and ongoing compliance

  • Earn your peace label: Officially certify the investment as a Peace Bond or Peace Equity.
  • Maintain alignment: Continuously ensure the project stays aligned with the taxonomy and meets post-issuance criteria.

Independent evaluation

  • Engage for evaluation: Appoint a verifier to independently evaluate the peace impact report and risk mitigation measures that show ongoing alignment with the Peace Taxonomy through an assurance report [link to?].
  • Share insights: Distribute the evaluation results to investors, partners, and stakeholders, ensuring transparency and accountability.


Start the Peace Bond or Peace Equity certification process here [link to 2.2]

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