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Daniel Hyslop

Head of Research and Senior Peacebuilding Advisor

I am the Head of Research and Senior Peacebuilding Advisor at Interpeace, an international non-governmental organisation for peacebuilding headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland). I am currently leading Finance for Peace initiative, which seeks to catalyse more peace-promoting and lower-risk private-sector investment in fragile countries through new financial structures, standards, frameworks and partnerships.

I have published research on the economic costs of violence and on the measurement of peace and positive peace, which I am pleased has been widely cited. For several years, I led the development of the Global Peace Index and I contributed to several flagship studies on international peacebuilding policy, such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development States of Fragility report and the United Nations–World Bank Pathways for Peace report. I have consulted to the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank and the Commonwealth Secretariat, and I have worked with various United Nations agencies on their peacebuilding approaches.

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