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Peter Higgs

Finance Expert

Peter has worked on creating a market for Peace Bonds and the formation of Finance for Peace to provide market integrity since 2018, with the objective of emulating green bonds which have gone from nil to over USD 1 trillion in 10 years. 

Peter has extensive international experience in fund management. He founded TGM in Australia in 1997, a pioneer in global overlay asset management which recently merged with the AI company Alpha Vista. He co-founded and chaired Wellers Impact in London, an impact investment firm. It works in partnership with charities, primarily in Africa, to build commercial buildings on land owned by the charities to generate income to support their work. It manages a global south focused water sanitation and plastic recycling investment fund. Peter is also a co-founder and Chair of Peaceinvest in Geneva, a global investment firm designing targeted, project and context-specific risk-reduction measures that improve the risk-adjusted returns on investments and their positive impact on communities and societies.

Finally, Peter is an economist by training with a PhD from Harvard University and was awarded the Academy of Social Sciences Australia Medal for excellence in research.

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