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Assurance in Peace Finance

Assurance is a critical component of the Finance for Peace initiative, playing a vital role in maintaining the integrity and credibility of our Peace Finance Standards and Certification Scheme. This process is highly regarded by investors and other stakeholders in the Peace Finance market.

The role of assurance in Peace Finance

  • Certified Peace Finance instruments: all certified Peace Bonds and Peace Equity instruments undergo rigorous checks by an approved Peace Finance verifier, who provides a formal assurance report [link].
  • Assurance framework: our assurance framework is designed to facilitate smooth and efficient assurance engagements, ensuring consistency across different verifiers and a clear understanding of the issuer’s responsibilities and the verifier’s evaluation criteria.
  • Verifier–issuer relationship: verifiers providing assurance must be listed as approved verifiers by the Peace Finance Standards Committee. The issuer engages and compensates the verifier under commercial terms. The assurance report is submitted to the Peace Finance Standards Committee and made available to stakeholders.

Becoming an approved verifier

  • Approval criteria: the Peace Finance Standards Committee approves third-party Peace Finance verifiers based on five criteria [link to becoming a verifier].
  • List of approved verifiers: [Link to the Directory of Approved Peace Finance Verifiers]

Assurance roundtable discussions

  • Collaborative platform: we hold regular assurance roundtable discussions, offering a collaborative platform for approved verifiers to share experiences and discuss principles, approaches and practicalities of assurance under the Peace Finance Standards and Certification Scheme.

Why assurance matters

  • Investor confidence: assurance provides investors with confidence in the consistency and integrity of certified Peace Finance instruments.
  • Transparency and accountability: the process ensures transparency and accountability in Peace Finance, aligning with our commitment to fostering sustainable peace through financial instruments.


For more information on becoming a verifier and the assurance process, please visit [Link to becoming a verifier].


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